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so i’ll wait for you and i’ll burn. will i ever see your sweet return? oh, will i ever learn?

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i had a nightmare that you’d discovered someone altogether nicer than i am. and now you say you love me—what a relief."
— virginia woolf, from a letter to vita sackville-west 

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long hair don’t care


long hair don’t care

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will we ever be able to see what you look like? xx

awww i’ve showed my face on here before…too many times, if you ask me! but i recently deleted them in order to work towards my goal of being an Anonymous Blogger. the next time i don’t look dead, i’ll post a pic for you, promise (you’ll have to ask though, ‘cause i’ll’s not at the top of my to do list haha) xo

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"i know i’ll miss him forever." (stand by me, 1986)


"i don’t like one direction. they’re so gay," i say. my fellow single heterosexual bros erupt in applause. i receive 50 Man points and level up to become the Manliest of Men. i’m so original and creative. what a sick burn.

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Waaait wait how do I see what you like?


You're soft, and freaky, and I like you

i don’t care what nobody says, i’m gonna be your lover….always mad and usually drunk, but i love you like no otherrr 

lonely now and miserably self-distrustful, i took sides, not without resentment, against myself and for everything that hurt me and was hard to me."
— friedrich nietzsche, from human, all too human 
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what is he aching to do? what are we all aching to do? what do we want? she didn’t know. she yawned. she was sleepy. it was too much. nobody could tell. nobody would ever tell. it was all over. she was eighteen and most lovely, and lost."
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it isn’t light. it is bright darkness. bright darkness—in me. bright darkness of death. bright darkness of loneliness."
— anna kamienska, from a nest of quiet 

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Houston ~ 22/8

Houston ~ 22/8

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i think i just broke up with one of my friends after a huge fight and now i'm sad can i have a hug? Please?! 。゚(゚´(00)`゚)゚。

yes, i will hug you! i’m really sorry to hear that you and your friend aren’t doing so well at the moment…if it’s over then it’s over, but i’ve always believed in the magic of a sincere apology, a good talk, and a little change in behaviour. hope it all works it out ♡ 

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i’m too tired, i’m so very tired
and i’m feeling very sick and ill today
but i’m still fond of you."
— the smiths, from what difference does it make?
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