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phoenix, AZ. september 16, 2014

phoenix, AZ. september 16, 2014

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Harry Styles' Hair Has Reached Peak Man Bun And It's Beautiful

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cruel beauty, rosamund hodge


cruel beauty, rosamund hodge

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i’m mutilated without you, my love. it’s not exactly painful, but it’s sad. in the whole world, there’s only you who count for me."
simone de beauvoir, from letters to sartre


Do you still have the little preview of retrograde up? I've wanted to re-read it but can't find it?

aw, no! i took it down, but here it is again if you want….this is one of the earlier drafts (of the first scene) xo

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I don't know if this is your fic but do you remember the Christmas/Fall one where Louis goes back in time and accidentally meets Harry in the process? Was it your fic?

awww was the fic completed or in the works? ‘cause i’ve got a time travel one that i’m working on that partially takes place around christmas (fuck yes, i love my snow, i love christmas lights, i love BLUE) and it fits what you’ve described…it’s called retrograde, i love it. i’m still working on it but i’ve paused it to write something else for a bit…if that’s not what you’re talking about, i’ve got no idea :( sorry :(

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gillian anderson


reblog if u agree

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dom were you very good at math in high school? i'm taking algebra 2 and chemistry... im having a horrible time and my grades aren't great. i do well in government, history, and english, though ! will colleges still accept me?? im a junior and i feel so stupid..

NOPE, I’M TERRIBLE, haha. i’ve never really been interested in formulas or numbers or anything like thateven with science, i love listening, i hate applyingbut i’ve always envied people who were really wonderful at mathematics because i think it’s such a cool thing :( with that being said, no, i was very terrible in my math classes because i couldn’t focus. i remember getting like a 64% freshman year, a 78% sophomore year, and like 68% my junior year…I USED TO BRING MY LAPTOP TO CLASS & LISTEN TO MUSIC & SHIT. i can’t remember what i did in math class, man. i think i used to bring my sketchbook and draw as well. also with colleges, i’m not sure where you live or how they do things there, but for me the universities looked at my top 6 marks (from senior university-level classes) & i had to hit an “average” in order to be considered. i didn’t take math my last year in high school, but if you are, then i don’t think it matters TOO MUCH…you can still get into colleges…(actually it depends what program you’re going into. if you’re aiming for a math-based program, your math mark will be looked at for sure. i just had to worry about my english mark). if you’re a junior then your math mark doesn’t even matter. but take my advice with a grain of salt (what does that phrase even mean? idk, i just use it) because it might be different where you are :( my sister slept through an exam her junior year and she still got accepted to all of her schools…you can do it. GOOD LUCK. xxx.


GEMINI: In their better moments they may strive to be honest and straightforward, but self-interest is almost always the victor. If things go against them, they sulk like children.

*nervous laughter*

she sounds enthusiastic even about boredom. and yet her burbly style does not ring true. i have seen her, sometimes, when she thinks i’m not looking: her face goes still, remote, unreflecting. it’s as if she’s not inside it. but then she’ll turn and laugh."
margaret atwood, from cat’s eye (via violentwavesofemotion)
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how did you come up with 'starseas'

i like stars and i like seas…the most intriguing story ever, i know! x

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my heart’s so tired and you’re so wild…

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